Thursday, March 9, 2017

i hope the person that did this dies a painful death

What a  disgrace  to  humanity .....i mean  there is no one  else interested in  the  rhino  horn  but the  asian markets 

these  stupid minded  fucker  like ivory because its a status  symbol .....its   the  stupid  mentality of  asian people .....

like those people  who have animal heads  in their  houses  ....its  the head of  a dead  animal i do not  get it  .....its  a sicko mentality .....

like  fur coats ......a  dead  exotic animal .....

but the  white  rhino   for  a  little  horn  .....i guess  when you are   empty inside..........  and have nothing have  to  demonstrate on the outside  ........ by  glorifying  a  animals  death  ......relating to you being dead on the inside .....

Its sad  day when  an  animal is not  even safe inside  a zoo ......what poeple  will do  for money ......its the ruination of  human beings ,,......

Vince the white rhino at Thoiry zoo. Pic:

A rhino has been shot dead by poachers who broke into a zoo and sliced its horn off with a chainsaw.
Four-year-old Vince was found dead by one of his keepers at Thoiry zoo, near Paris, on Tuesday morning.
One or more attackers are believed to have broken into the zoo in the night.
The rhino was shot three times in the head, French investigators said.
Staff at the zoo are said to be "extremely shocked" and an investigation into the "massacre" is under way.
Vince's second horn was partially cut, which the zoo said suggested either his attackers were disturbed or their chainsaw stopped working.
"This odious act was perpetrated despite the presence of five members of the zoological staff living on the spot and surveillance cameras," the zoo wrote on its Facebook page.
"The other two white rhinoceros living in Thoiry, Gracie aged 37 and Bruno aged five years, escaped the massacre and are safe."
It is believed to be the first attack of its kind at a zoo in Europe, the post added.
Vince was born in late 2012 at Burger Zoo in The Netherlands and had been at Thoiry, situated 30 miles west of Paris, since March 2015.
France's environment minister Segolene Royal said: "The killing of a rhinoceros at Thoiry is criminal.
"It is time countries outlaw the trade in ivory and horn as I have done in France."
Ivory horns can be sold on the black market for tens of thousands of pounds.
Southern African countries are battling increased poaching levels as organised gangs from mainly Asian countries try to meet the growing demand from countries such as Vietnam and China.

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