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Like him or not .....he is the president .........

Whether  you like him or not .....he is still the president ......maybe he  has no political  experience  .....but  if you look  at  americas   last  two presidents  ....they  fucked  this  country  up .......barock obama   was  selling america  off  to   people  who were  dangerous ........he had  no respect  for  american  poeple .....he  favoured  other  cultures   ....rather  than  being  an  american .......he  was  taking  god  out of  america  .......and   letting   other  poeple   run amok  ....

Goerge  bush  had  no idea  how  to  run a  country  neither  all corruption .......maybe  a  busness man   needs to run a   materialistic    massive   bohemoth ......the  least we   can do is  try  ....donald  trump is  not a little  bitch   ....or a  pussy  run  by his  wife real man  has  run  congress  for  a while ............still if you dont  stand up  for   something you will fall  for  anything .........
Rate President Donald Trump on His Job Performance
Vote in This Urgent Poll
Scroll Down, America's leading independent news service, is conducting an urgent national online poll about President Donald  Trump and his job performance as the nation’s chief executive.
The president’s job approval ratings are among the key indexes used to judge our nation’s leader.

Congress, the media and many in the public want to know what you think about the president’s job performance.

Newsmax will provide the results of this poll to major media outlets. Newsmax's results also will be shared with popular radio talk-show hosts across America.

Newsmax reports have been cited by major outlets, including CNN, ABC, Fox News, CBS, MSNBC, and other major networks.

Don't miss this opportunity to let your voice be heard.

1) Overall, do you approve or disapprove of President Trump's job performance?
2) Do you approve or disapprove of President Trump’s handling of foreign policy and the war on terror?
3) Do you approve of his job handling the U.S. economy?
4) Do you approve of his handling of immigration?
5) Who did you vote for in the last election?
6) Tell Us About You: Are you an “investor class” voter? (any voter with a portfolio of stocks, bonds or precious metals in excess of $200,000)
7) Are you a veteran of the Armed Forces?
8) Are you a member of the following: (check all that apply)
9) Please describe your religious affiliation:
10) Describe your interests: (Check any that apply)
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