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bay city rollers spllitting ...about fucking time........

The bay city rollers ....are splitting  ....yes that godawful  tartan wearing  group from  Scotland ......

they are the equivalent Scottish version of  creed  or  nickle back  ......

i mean  come  on  these  guys....... are  old  guys  made your money  .....unless you are   legendary like  stones /aerosmith .....blah blah so on and so forth ......

i mean  i thought they  were  long  gone  .......but apparently ....dumb fuckers  are still paying money to watch old  codgers  sing teenage songs  from long  gone ......

we  had  Slade /queen  ......epic  bands   ...but bay city rollers  had  that  Creed  sort of   style  ....still if you have  no taste in music  you will simply listen  to anything  this  includes BCR........not Scotland's  finest  i have  to say .....we  have  pumped out some  beauties ......Annie lennox ....donavan.....Herman  hermits ......Jim kerr on  and  so forth ....

anyways  i thought  they  must  still be playing for one  reason only .....


Bye, bye baby forever as Bay City Rollers split for good

THE band have announced that their upcoming festive shows will be their last, as the band came to near blows during a live interview.

THE Bay City Rollers have split after a series of bust-ups – and say that this time it’s for good.
Les McKeown, Stuart “Woody” Wood and Alan Longmuir – three of the five-man line-up from their 70s heyday – announced they were reforming just 15 months ago.
But Wood and Longmuir are said to have been unhappy at singer McKeown continuing to tour without them and promoting his own material.
It means their Shang-a-lang-a-Xmas Party dates, including a December 11 Glasgow Hydro gig, will be their last.

The pop veterans will also have to scrap plans for a lucrative world tour including dates in the US next year.
Trouble has been simmering for months beneath the public image of them being pals again.
In July, Wood briefly quit the group hours before they were due to take the stage at T in the Park.
And days ago, the Rollers were involved in an astonishing bust-up during the opening credits of a live telly show.
Wood, 59, hit the roof when 60-year-old McKeown whipped out his solo album at the start of STV’s Live At Five.

He stormed off — leaving McKeown and Longmuir, 68, to do the interview on their own.
Putting a brave face on the split, McKeown said: “We’ve had tremendous fun. But we think now is the time for us to say one last thank-you to our fans and bid them farewell.”
Wood said: “We’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve always done our best to give our fans the best experience and we’re going out on a high.”
Longmuir added: “I’m not ashamed to say I’ll have a little tear in my eye as we say bye bye to the greatest fans.”
Manager John McLaughlin said: “The boys have agreed they have taken it as far as they can.
“They’re in a great spot right now and they want to go out with a bang with their amazing Christmas shows.”

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