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8 things you need to know about your boobs

FROM sex to bras and cancer prevention, health experts reveal facts you might not have heard.

BOOBS. Fun bags. The girls. Whatever you call them, your breasts nourish your children, boost your confidence or have you cursing the dreaded button gape on your favourite shirt.
They are a defining feature of womanhood but apart from their obvious uses, it seems there are things we don’t know about them.
It’s time to get better informed about your boobs with these eight need-to-know facts.

1. There is no ‘perfect’ breast

Despite what Instagram and fashion models might have you believe, there is no perfect breast shape. In fact, lingerie brand ThirdLove have identified nine typical boob types ranging from side set to relaxed. And remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – love your boobs and they’ll love you right back.

2. They’re sisters not twins

Breasts are never identical. If you’re lucky, their differences are marginal but for more than half of women asymmetrical boobies are the norm. Size differences vary from a fifth of a cup size to several and for some reason, it’s usually the left breast that is bigger.

3. There are eight kinds of nipples

California Dr Tsippora Shainhouse has identified eight different kinds of perfectly normal nipples, including protruding, puffy, inverted and flat – who knew?

4. Sugar affects breast tenderness

Breast tenderness is pretty normal during certain times of the month but it can be a literal pain in the boobs.
This kind of cyclical pain – controlled by your hormones – is usually nothing to worry about but there are a few hacks to try to minimise the discomfort.
Too much refined sugar can increase your blood sugar levels, which means more insulin is needed to try and even them out. Excess insulin can wreak havoc with your hormones and therefore cause your breasts to hurt. Same goes for caffeine and refined carbohydrates, so try to cut out those doughnuts and multiple macchiatos for the good of your boobs.
Taking supplements can help too – 1000mgs of evening primrose oil and 1000mgs of flaxseed oil can reduce breast pain significantly.

5. Your boobs are a pleasure centre

When nipples are stimulated during breast feeding a neurochemical called oxytocin floods the brain, and it’s no wonder you’re punch drunk on that little suckling critter – it’s the same chemical that helps us fall in love.
Research has now shown that nipple stimulation in a sexual setting enhances arousal and some of the lucky ones can even have orgasms through boob-fondling alone.

6. They can weigh a lot

Ask any woman with big boobs and they’ll regale you with tales of sexy strap welts, the difficulties of running and back pain – which isn’t surprising considering a pair of D-cups can weigh up to 23lbs. That’s like carting around a medium sized pug strapped to your chest. Not fun.


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