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woodstock records and music ........

    woodstock records and music  is  up and  running ,please  bear with me , as i have so  much stuff  to upload .....and as i am  still learning about websites ,i am in the midst ,of trial and error . I will  get it done .....i am pretty  new to the online store biz , i have done  e-bay  ....but  not on this scale ...... If you are looking for  any kind of  vinyl  or music on any  format..........simply e-mail me  @ .its easier  for record  and replies ...... Thank you  for your  patience  ....i am looking forward  to   infecting  vinyl addicts one  person at a time 

rich white cunts make me puke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These  people are  just filthy  disgusting low life s   not  enough  words  to describe  how these  white  bastards   are  ........... Hunting guide charged in Cecil the lion slay breaks down outside Zimbabwe court: ‘Well, I guess I shot a famous lion’ BY  MELISSA CHAN     NEW YORK DAILY NEWS   Thursday, October 15, 2015, 11:40 AM A   A   A SHARE THIS URL Previous Next   Enlarge The Zimbabwe safari guide accused of leading Cecil the lion's killer to his iconic prey broke down in tears Wednesday before he was set to appear before a judge. "It's destroyed us. It's destroyed the family, my business," teary-eyed Theo Bronkhorst told  CBC News  outside a courtroom in Zimbabwe. The professional hunter, who co-owns Bushman Safaris with his wife, hid behind dark glasses and a tan cap as he told the news station from inside his car that he would be vindicated in court. "Well, I guess I shot a famous lion,&q

self expnatory really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump NAILS the Difference Between Putin and Obama in Just 8 Words… Americans Are Cheering Speaking with  Fox News  host Greta Van Susteren this Monday evening, 2016 GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump used eight simple words to highlight the massive difference between American President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin. “ You’re a leader, or you’re not a leader ,” Trump stated. “You basically have that ability, or you don’t have that ability.” Trump’s point was that, unlike Obama, Putin commands respect. He often lies through his teeth, and many world leaders detest him, but at the same time, they fear him because he carries himself with strength and vigor. This places Putin in contrast to our own president, whose ineffectual gestures both here and abroad make him quite undeserving of esteem, particularly from Putin, who last week ordered his forces in Syria to attack rebel opposition fighters aligned with Obama. “It’s pur