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its not the dealers its the users

I  am not sure about everyone else  ....but as  far  as  i  can see if there are users  there will be  suppliers does not  take  any sort of  genius to realize there will always be  suppliers ,....i never have   and  will never  have  sympathy,for users ...and unfortunately  its  a  business  ,and there will always  be someone  there to  fill a  void ..pity is wasted on the  weak . drug dealers like most human beings are opportunists  with a different skew ,simply making money ,from misery ,what corporation  does not .......most of  the finacial world is propped  by drugs   so  move on its  a business most business  it preys on the weak......... Mexican opium farmers expand plots to supply US heroin boom   By  MARK STEVENSON 12 hours ago     . View gallery . SIERRA MADRE DEL SUR, Mexico (AP) — Red and purple blossoms with fat, opium-filled bulbs blanket the remote creek sides and gorges of the Filo May

I personally thought that ads were boring bland lack depth and just tried to play on weak minds

I have to say that this  Superbowl ads .......sucked real bad  i am not sure if they are running out of  ideas or they  are  employing really shit  staff ,something is off  .....but i guess if you  are easily entertained ,......which  most people are  ,and are  happy to watch  paint dry , then its a win  win situation for the masses,....superb owl i personally think is  wasted with too many ads ....this is why soccer is not a big revenue maker in America because  it is  90 minutes  with one break ,and i think personally a more skillful game,than American football,but may i am prejudice being European,and see NFL as  purely  the business end of a  game that last  way way too long due to breaks ,time outs ,and  commercial  ad revenue ....still every man  to his own deal ..... Super Bowl ads 2015: Grading the best and worst of the Big Game   By  Jay Busbee 13 hours ago Shutdown Corner     Super Bowl XLIX is in the books and that means it's