Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Noah | Trailer & Official Movie Site | March 28, 2014

Noah | Trailer & Official Movie Site | March 28, 2014:

'via Blog this'....Here we  go  another   fucking  fairy tale  garbage  hollywood  popcorn money maker...listen we  all know   ........unless you   cannot think  for your self and are indoctorined  to  a  point   as  you have to ask anyone  can you go for a shit....the chances of noahs ark and  his  wooden   pice of shit  ship  ...was totally impossible ...just think  about the  size of a  ship  trying to gte   every  animal on the planet  on it  ...the  sheer   weight and  volume  of the  whole  scale in incomprehensible  on any level ....but you have to  imagine   .the prophets  ( self proclaimed in them  days  as ignorance  wa s rampant ....anyone  a  little  smart then  was  a fucking  genies ...... so  if you  have  a gram of  sense   between your  ears   ...if you  can imagine  all the animals  two by two ....every  animal  on the planet ....okay  then  riddle  me  this   mister  drunk ass   uneducated  prohpet...where d o you store the food  for  all the animals ......who  mopped  up all the shit  and piss .....you do not have  a joy  mangano  thirsty  mop in them  days .....do poeple  actually believe  this  shite  ......not to mention the cross  contamination  or  disease  with all the  flies  buzzing around  the  shit  ...oooopss i am sorry  it was  only two  flies  allowed  on the ship   right ......i  mean the words  epic proportions  comes  into  mind    ...no shipbuilding  architect   today   could  even  do  an ark  evenm  if  eh snorted  a   lb  of  bolivian  marching dust  and worked   24  /7   its a fable  written  by   old ignorant  drunks prophets   of course  if you  want to  believ in  bullshit  i have  condos  for  sle  in  syria .............

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