Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kerry pledges $1 billion for Ukraine - Yahoo News

Kerry pledges $1 billion for Ukraine - Yahoo News:

'via Blog this'........this infuriates the crap out of  me .......i have  never been to ukraine,nor  do i care to because  its  cold and  broke as  hell .....what i  do object to  is  USA   hand  over  a  billion for  what !!!!!!a  dick measuring contest ,its all  about the  men  doing men things and ponying up.....

Putin does  not give a fuck  ,ever  ...he wants  ukraine for  him self why becasue its vast and  is loaded with all sorts of  stuff  let him  have it....you know  he hates  obama and  americans  in general....russians  do not like a lot of people ......unless they are russian  of course ......putin is  going to  do some  sort of bait and  switch he wants to see  how much of  a man  obama  is ....putin is  all male  russian  bad ass....and you know he wants to test  obamas balls .....i cannot wait to see what transpires  from this sideshow!!!!!   ....i do not trust putin as  far  as i could  chuck  his soviet ass....he is playing a game ...and  has the money  ....hell  he blew  50 billion on the  sochi games...he has  some cronies  with  big  green  ,,,ad  can afford to  fuck around ....he waited  for this  day  ....i will predict this guy  is  after  the ukraine  for more than the cold !!!!!!!!!

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