Saturday, September 14, 2013

At Silent Dinners, Conversation Not on the Menu - Yahoo

At Silent Dinners, Conversation Not on the Menu - Yahoo:

'via Blog this' in  south Florida  does  not matter  where you go here  ...there is always a loud  prick..... or  bitch ..... gob shitting about their  job car  ...or  some deal  so ,you are trying to eat or  some  broad with a  screaming  kid take it outside....or stay at home ...... like  a decent parent  ....listen up the kid  cannot  eat ,or  order  and if you want to  eat out ,,,,get a fucking babysitter .....for all you parent less  fuckers  like  me .... its real a  nurse  when i want to talk normally and their is a baby  hollering 200 decibels  and the fucking bitch  just sits  there  usually its  someone  with no respect  because if you did  respect  you would not sit there like a  fucking parasite  ruining my day  and  you  would have the sense  to call a babysitter ..and you  may get  banged in the parking lot without the  kid  being there know  one on one  parent time  ......and  do not give me  that  breast feeding  shite there is  breast pumps .....go to  Denny,s  if you wanna  eat  and  annoy  people  who do not care  about ambiance ....that's  my 2  cents  on  food  silence .......

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