Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pa. Boy Dies After Being Parents' 'Best Man' - Yahoo!

Pa. Boy Dies After Being Parents' 'Best Man' - Yahoo!:

'via Blog this'....I usually try and  stay on a  up beat positive  note in life  but i thought this had  to be shown ....so so  sad ,what  a  shame  some  people,are just dealt a  really bad  hand  this is  the worst ...it must  be  bad  enough  a  baby  dying in her  mothers  arms ...i do think god  has  strange way of showing life  ,but at least the baby will not suffer anymore ......i do hate to see children suffer in any way shape or form ...but now the little  guy  is  at peace  ...my heart  goes  out to the parents, i hope they have another  child to ease the pain of  this  loss .............
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