Monday, January 7, 2013

Stonehouse drugs seizure - Daily Record

Stonehouse drugs seizure - Daily Record:

'via Blog this'.............did the police  ever stop to think ...maybe the guy was a pizza lover ,and was  fond of  lots  or  oregano sprinkled on his pizza ,and he mistakingley bought it  wholesale thinking if he  buys  pounds of  it,and there is a  world shortage ...... like helium .....then he could save a  few  hundred pounds in the long run ...but by  by pure mistake the oregano farmer accidentley grew pot  because he thought it was an exotic  breed and  smell ,and his sense of smell was  bad,and the man who sold him the pot , never checked it out because he thought the man ...... used so much oregano he knew it was oregano and not, pot, and  was  waiting to put it on his pizza ..... before  turning it in to law enforcement ....

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