Monday, October 15, 2012

Taliban ...tough guys shooting a kid ..................

So the taliban decides to shoot a 14 yr old girl in the head...why because she was trying to get educated i am not sure what the talibans terrorist underbelly is ,but picking on a little girl really does not make them hardened terrorists

The taliban re-iterated they would finsih the god those people  who are re-nowned  terrorist this is how they spend their bigger fish to fry than a  14 year ...inicdently they suck because they did not kill her  she is still  alive....!!!!!!!!
All i can say is  bad  PR for the taliban ,now getting put back together she is in  England 

Maybe since they have lost their leader, they have lost all idea  of  what their goals are............ but trying  to knock of Little girls will do nothing for their credibility.....,   

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