Thursday, October 11, 2012

Man dies after bug eating contest .....surprise !!!!!!

A man dies after  a cockroach eating contest in deer field beach Florida,well what do you expect  from eating bugs .....cockroaches no less.
Listen ,i have always  said , people will do anything to get attention ,but i got to say there are better  ways  to get recognised .

Cockroaches are not the most  unhygienic of chaps at the best,we all know mostly they love shit, toilet bases,unhygienic hang outs ....

So when you eat a few or maybe dozens of them, you must expect consequences ,i do not  think this  guy is  of  a  smart  denomination,seeking fame and recognition can be  done in  many other ways.

Maybe this guy was  really alone and  deserate  to recongnised ,so women may flock to him .....i cannot see that  being a chick magnet proclamation in any way shape or form, but if you think that  gets  you  broads  then you may  want to change the status of women you seek .....

I do not get,why people would want to do these  things ,they do not make sense because of what the insect stand  for  ,i think maybe grasshoppers or  something that  does  not  intermingle in shit situations ....but ultimately this mans  strive  for  some sort of  fame ,in a stange  sort of way,  ultimately, got him famous by  being in the news  for  dying.....

Well i guess  he  got his 15 minutes of  fame  huh !!!!!!

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