man implants magnets into wrist to keep i-pod in place

Don't ya  just  love the lengths,people  will go to  to get attention,now  here is a  numbnuts  almost as  dumb as kanye  west   but  that will take a lot ...
This  ass wipe has  gotten magnets implanted into his wrist  ...why because he  cannot be bothered  with the band  for his  I-pod, well hey i cannot be  bothered  wearing a  belt with my pants/trousers  maybe i  may get a belt  surgically  implanted  around my arse so i never  need  a belt again ...
Once again this  guy  knew  by doing this  he  will get  attention,this guy is either ....

1.needy  and  is desperately lonely and  was  not breast  fed  properly

2.has  too much money and  needs  something else to spend it on ,if he got himself a Russian wife  she will spend his money for him

3.too much time on his  hands 

4.the last but not least ....nuts....i figure the  last

does this imeba  realise the metal for the magnets  will seep into his   body , i mean  if you really are that  demented and lazy to put an i-pod band  on ...there is a deeper  issue  here    why  didn't he just  get the  whole thing implanted  in his  head that would be impressive ......!!!


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