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50'000 cross dressing elvis impersonators,
performing in a public restroom in Boyzi idaho.

mother theresa doing anal in a porn flick, for a new pair of sandals

faceless clowns performing high wire acts, in a circus tent, made from discarded underwear, found in filthy laundretes,to an audience of blind midgets .

Alabama police officers dressed in gold lame disco thongs,
handing out coffee and donuts ,to bank robbers and carjackers wearing lipstick.

catwalk models dressed in dog fur'
eating food and throwing up into an audience of still born midgets.

one legged deaf lepers ,serving 2 4 1 cocktails,to tuxedo cigar smoking chimpanzees,on a parisian sidewalk at 4 am

green bald lesbian alien single mothers with one breast,giving head to intergalactic traffic cops wearing chocolate covered sunglasses

300 lb german female weightlifters dressed in french maid outfits ,licking the riding boots of old dead auschwitz victims ,while serving hot tea

three shoplifting drugstore cowboys junkies wearing ronald reagan masks,dressed in altar boys outfits,depositing body parts of dead rape victims at an all night ATM of a human bank

five skinhead priests with 50% burns on their bodies performing opera , at an all night diner,to an audience of seals dressed in army fatigues

emaciated homeless people sipping champagne and eating caviar from the stomach of an 80 year old dead bee keeper from somewhere in conneticut



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Well Michael Guist of the swamp people , died...apparently he  fell over the side of the boat....... Personally i did not think he was that  famous..... But apparently  the history channel  did  three seasons  on people  living in the bayou ......who the hell would wants to live there ). Now as i see it is  absolute ,shit  apart  from a  few, i mean a a few  channels,......... But i got to thinking, is  the history channel  so desperate all they can do is  film a reality TV about  people living in a  swamp....... This  shows you how bad reality TV has gotten ,when the history channel and  the swamp has  nothing to do with history.......well it  could be  if you look at how old it is , but  its  not about the age of the swamp its about people living in swamp ........ Are people reaching an all time low  here in  media, i mean what the hell exciting can be done in a swamp    apart from dying of course  that's up there ...... But the swamp ...i mean  how  do these  guy

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Gee ya think only 43 pissed of with china ../////I would think the planet would be  fucking pissed at their  shennanigans ……….  43 countries criticize China at UN for repression of Uyghurs EDITH M. LEDERER Thu, October 21, 2021, 5:51 PM UNITED NATIONS (AP) — More than 40 mainly Western countries criticized China at a U.N. meeting on Thursday for the reported torture and repression of Uyghurs and other religious and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, keeping a spotlight on the region where foreign governments and researchers say an estimated 1 million people or more have been confined in camps. Cuba followed immediately with a statement on behalf of 62 countries saying what happens in Xinjiang is China’s internal affair, and dismissing all allegations as based on “political motivation” and “disinformation.” China’s U.N. Ambassador Zhang Jun spoke soon after, denouncing “the groundless accusations” and unfounded “lies” and accusing the United States and a few other unnamed signatories of the

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  As i do not like the smell of  weed/dope/ reminds me of  too many things .....but that's not all....... i  cannot get rid of the smell in places  like cigarettes ......but that in not the  crux of the rant........weed  does something to the transponders  ........although i guess it has  spawned  many songs/babies/deaths/symphonies we all know conductors are stoners....... ......paintings /artwork/car crashes ........fuck -ups /and of  course the legendary munchies .........i once  watched  a man  devour a mixing bowl of rice krispies ....high as fuck ......epic performance !!!!!!....we never   had  man versus food then .......but that would be a  winner .....but weed it has  its pros and cons ....i don't like it .....never  have  ...i don't like putting smoke or  things in my lungs ....i don't like  getting high usually leads  to paranoia...and i get leery best left alone i think .......if i get high  am not in control and that is not