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BIZARRE . 50'000 cross dressing elvis impersonators, performing in a public restroom in Boyzi idaho. mother theresa doing anal in a porn flick, for a new pair of sandals faceless clowns performing high wire acts, in a circus tent, made from discarded underwear, found in filthy laundretes,to an audience of blind midgets . Alabama police officers dressed in gold lame disco thongs, handing out coffee and donuts ,to bank robbers and carjackers wearing lipstick. catwalk models dressed in dog fur' eating food and throwing up into an audience of still born midgets. one legged deaf lepers ,serving 2 4 1 cocktails,to tuxedo cigar smoking chimpanzees,on a parisian sidewalk at 4 am green bald lesbian alien single mothers with one breast,giving head to intergalactic traffic cops wearing chocolate covered sunglasses 300 lb german female weightlifters dressed in french maid outfits ,li

another day on paradise

i have to say   Florida love it or leave it ...its  a  myriad of french Canadians   new yorkers  and  shopping  mall .....and   retiree  who drive   big ass cars   and  they can hardly see over  the  dash board......oh  and   endless  shopping  malls  where  you    constantly hear the whine of  the old  new  york  broad   relentlessly beating  her  gums  to her  husband   who is in another   land  of something....but  hey its  Florida its a   concoction  of  drug  abuser pill mills   crazy drivers  and   a  mixture  of     south America  meets  America  meets  Europe  .....and  all the while   the sun  beats  down on us  when the  others  are  freezing sometimes  to death  ...and people  have no idea   why  we  habitat  in a sand  bar   filled  with all the  immigrants  dead  beats  degenerates   well  you  really have  to say its  paradise   with a  price     but  the price  is  worth  paying for