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.....soap on a rope ....the pope................

I think if you make it  to done okay ......some people  only get to about 70 or 80 hanging in that long  not  too bad.......but you one of the few  ........maybe he got endichrome ........who knows  we wall know the vatican .....sovreign city ....wealth ......power .....nudge nudge .......wink wink ........know what i mean.....if you don't .......well then's all there on the internet and ye shall find  ...this is becasue i am nosy AF........well he done fine ....the soap on a rope ......the pope......

Former Pope Benedict XVI dies at age 95

FILE - Pope Benedict XVI greets the faithful during an audience at the Vatican on June 30, 2007, as he invited all Roman Catholics in China to unite under his jurisdiction and urged Beijing to restore diplomatic ties and permit religious freedom. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the German theologian who will be remembered as the first pope in 600 years to resign, has died, the Vatican announced Saturday Dec. 31, 2022. He was 95. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini, File)
Pope Benedict XVI greets the faithful during an audience at the Vatican in 2007. (Andrew Medichini/AP)

LONDON —The Vatican announced Saturday that the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has died at age 95.

“With sorrow, I inform you that the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI passed away today at 9:34 in the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery in the Vatican,” a Vatican statement read.

During his weekly general audience in late December, Francis revealed that Benedict was “very sick” and asked “the Lord to comfort him and support him … until the end.” The following day, a Vatican spokesman said he was “stable.”

Benedict stunned Catholics around the world when he announced his abdication from the papacy in 2013. It was the first time in 598 years that a pope had stood down — the last being in 1415 when Pope Gregory XII resigned just 10 years into his papacy in a bid to heal a schism that had formed in the church.

People pause in St. Peter's Square at The Vatican, Saturday, Dec. 31, 2022. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the German theologian who will be remembered as the first pope in 600 years to resign, has died, the Vatican announced Saturday. He was 95. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)
People pause in St. Peter's Square at The Vatican on Saturday. (Andrew Medichini/AP)

The surprise retirement announcement nearly a decade ago occurred during a routine meeting at which Benedict was to discuss the possible canonization of three people. He cited “an advanced age” as the reason for his retirement. “The pope took us by surprise,” Rev. Federico Lombardi, a spokesman for the Vatican, said at the time. The former pope has since been living inside the walls of the Vatican, an independent city-state located in Rome. Benedict chose not to revert back to his actual name, Joseph Ratzinger, but instead chose to be called Pope Emeritus.


In 2005, the former Cardinal Ratzinger was elected by his fellow cardinals to succeed Pope John Paul II. He chose the name Benedict XVI for his tenure.

Despite having only served eight years as pope, Benedict’s time was marred by multiple scandals including his involvement in the cover-up of widespread child sex abuse by priests within the Catholic Church and the revelation of his time spent in the Hitler Youth while he was a child.

Other controversies included Benedict's statement that condoms would aggravate Africa’s HIV and AIDS epidemic and his lifting of the excommunications of four traditionalist bishops — including one Holocaust denier. Benedict would later backtrack on his comments on the use of condoms and say they are acceptable in “certain cases.”

Pope Benedict XVI rides in the popemobile.
Pope Benedict XVI rides in the popemobile as he leaves Fatima's Sanctuary in Portugal in 2010. (Emilio Morenatti/AP)

Before being elected pope, Benedict was put in charge of dealing with the alleged abuse by priests. He had denied that there was a cover-up. But in 2010, he admitted that the Catholic Church did not act “quickly or firmly enough.”

He would go on to break his post-retirement silence in September 2013 by reiterating that he never tried to cover up any “moral abuse of minors by priests. I can only, as you know, acknowledge it with profound consternation,” he wrote in a lengthy letter.

In January 2022, a German investigation found that Benedict failed to act against four priests who were accused of child sexual abuse while he was archbishop of Munich in 1986. “During [Benedict’s] time in office there were abuse cases happening,” said Martin Pusch, of the law firm Westpfahl Spilker Wastl. “In those cases, those priests continued their work without sanctions. The church did not do anything.”

A PRO .................

 Well i have seen........ and  known a few dom woman.......and been to some fetish clubs  .........where i have witnessed some of them in action ..........why any man would want to be dominated  ....... ...must be a power reversal .......... .............where  he feels  he needs to be dommed...........i did withness this at a fetish club ............where  some members of  law enforcement were being  dommed ..........and of course  in fort lauderdale have the best of the degenerates...........and they have a big fetish club as i am sure tokyo must be the creme de la creme we all know...(well most do !!!!)...... the japanese  guys are really into that shit  heavily ......i think there has to be a  trust issue .......on some level in bondage ....i mean you just cannot  let  any bitch tie you up we know women are emotionally unstable ......and lots of them are on meds .......drink....have been molested....cheated on......hate men .....insecure .....low self worth .......and then give them handcuffs .......and a whip ........what are you fucking nuts !!!!!!!!.....i have no faith in human beingson any level .....just look at the lunatic women on face book......

so enjoy this  post i thought it might be interesting for you .......i do try it ....or not.....

like i have always  said  .......give a person of low self worth......  a sense of power .......and you have a  very dangerous person ........with or with cuffs and  whips .......

How I Became A Professional Dominatrix

Story by Alex Alexander • Yesterday 9:30 PM

woman on bed
woman on bed© Photo: / Shutterstock

My first encounter with BDSM bars in Japan was right in the heart of Osaka.

When I searched for S&M bars there, I found a few, but there was one in particular that caught my eye because it has a very fulfilling website with a lot of pictures and information about the atmosphere. It also has a chain shop in Tokyo, so I decided it was the one.

This was it... I needed to visit this place!

I planned to go by myself, but I thought it might be a little weird if I went alone the first time, so I asked my friend, who wasn’t interested in "playing" but was willing to play along to check it out with me.

When we walked in, the décor looked similar to that of a jail, and when the show ended, the performer crawled back to a room through what looked like a jail gate.

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The show was stunning and fascinating and, in a sense, it was beautiful.

Later that night, I got involved in the games — including spanking, whipping, and candle wax. Who was the victim?

The customers sat beside my table. That was one of the really fun things about it: that it was so easy to find someone to practice kinky skills with.

The second time I visited that bar, I wasn’t a customer anymore. I was a worker and a researcher. I started to serve drinks to the customers.

The one sad thing about being there to work was that I wasn’t allowed to drink any alcohol myself, only green tea! If not for that, it would have been much more fun.

When it comes down to it, the reason why I love going there is that you see such various worlds within a limited space.

You look to your left and see a couple enjoying themselves. At the table next to them, there are three girls sitting together in their cosplay outfits.

When you look to your right, there’s a man receiving nipple bondage from a worker. And then, in the middle of the stage, another man is getting tied up by a Dominatrix who later drips hot candle wax all over him.

What a world! Welcome to a truly modern liberal society!

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Even though I tend to be a submissive person, I often feel I have to act as a Dominatrix.

Spending time there is how I began to recognize my sadistic side. I find it deeply satisfying to feel the power while at the same time knowing that I'm serving the masochist. It’s all about balance.

Going to that BDSM bar in Japan helped me to find this balance within myself, allowing me the freedom and space in which I could explore both my Dominant and submissive sides.

To be clear, sexual intercourse isn't allowed in this kind of bar. Showing one's genitals isn’t allowed either, but other than those two caveats, everything and anything else is allowed.

Ball bondage. Cross-dressing. Transforming into a non-human. Masturbating with panties on. Erotic vibration play. And a whole lot of humiliation.

It’s all up to you! It’s a free space to release sadistic or masochistic desires and to share these with others if they wish to do so with you.

Many people have asked me, “Don’t you feel strange showing yourself to strangers in that way?"

Oh, come on! My answer is that strangers are the best people to experience these things with, precisely because they are strangers!

When you don’t know any of the people who are there, you can just be yourself! You can let go of all the social restrictions and try to focus on understanding yourself, reading your own desires, and enjoying whatever sensations or feelings come to you as they happen.

In a way, I believe BDSM is a type of alternative meditation experience.

Once everything around you seems to be sexual, nothing actually appears sexual anymore. It’s no longer only about erotism or sex, it becomes more centered around self-recognition and power sharing.

If that seems difficult to understand, I get it, and I suggest you check out an S&M bar, dungeon, or play space in your own neighborhood to do some research... and maybe even to give it a try. Then you'll know what I’m saying.


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WORK WORK WORK ...........


You never  hear jeff .....donating couple hundred million on hungry children him/gates/ buffet musk....etc ......etc ........etc you would think they would   donate to hungry kids  or  st judes ....cancer  cancer research .........but that would be too easy ...maybe not enough tax breaks huh .......i think .....thats the only reason nice to see kids  get fed  ....but hey  first right jeff.....more important to let spoiled  white people go to space ....rather  than kids  live ....but that's just me!!!!!!

jeff Bezos has called work-life balance a 'debilitating phrase,' and says work and life are actually a circle

Story by (Britney Nguyen) • 13h ago
Jeff Bezos prefers to think of work and life as a circle, not something to balance. Anadolu Agency / Getty Images
Jeff Bezos prefers to think of work and life as a circle, not something to balance. Anadolu Agency / Getty Images© Anadolu Agency / Getty Images
  • In 2018, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos called "work-life balance" a "debilitating phrase."
  • The billionaire and former Amazon CEO taught employees that work and life are a circle.
  • Bezos said the reality is if he is happy at home, he has "tremendous energy" in the office.

Jeff Bezos doesn't like the phrase "work-life balance," and has said in the past that work and life are actually a circle.

The Amazon founder said in 2018, at an event hosted by Insider's parent company, that he tries to teach young and senior employees about "work-life harmony," and that it's not a balance.

"I get asked about work-life balance all the time," Bezos told Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner. "And my view is, that's a debilitating phrase because it implies there's a strict trade-off."

He said the reality is, if he's happy at home, he has "tremendous energy," when he goes into the office. And if he's happy at work, Bezos said he comes home with the same energy.

"It actually is a circle," Bezos said. "It's not a balance."

Bezos' so-called work-life circle has changed since he made the remarks. The billionaire stepped down from his role as CEO of the e-commerce giant in July 2021. Bezos was replaced by Andy Jassy, his former AWS chief, and Bezos directed his focus to other endeavors, like space exploration with his company Blue Origin, and philanthropy.

Bezos, who is currently the sixth-richest person in the world, has taken a nontraditional approach to work: He has said he made time for breakfast every morning with his family, doesn't set his alarm before going to bed, schedules surprisingly few meetings, and set aside a few minutes every day to wash his own dishes.

Read — and watch — the full interview with Bezos here.


  I guess at one time........i loved  california  ...but that was  the  seventies know!!!!!!!......mamas and papas .....janice /jim...