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the final frontier of the emascualted male

I am not usre about the rest of the male populi ....but i am not the one  carrying the child ...or trying to get knocked up ....if you are to lazy to bag your dick and knock a girl up ......then you deserve to have  child support  payments for 18 years or however long it takes ......... If you need  apill  becasue you cannot  control your dick ....your a dick .....bagging it  is  safe i do not  control sode effects   from a male  pill .......if a w oman wants to  trap you she  will  simple if you area  stupid  prick you will get trapped  ,.....women look  for  a  man they can  trap  unless  they are not looking for a  babay daddy as  they say in the  hood  ....... anyway bagging is  the  way i am not   dropping a pill for  no one   i do not  love somoe  enough to get side  effects  frm  some pharma   boolocks ....good luck chuck...... An experimental male birth control pill seems safe, but makes men gain weight. Jirapatch Iamkate /EyeEm/Getty Images The lat