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virgin for sale......

This girl is  selling her  virginity for  at least  a million .... well i guess in this  day and age  if you  can   do something go big or go  home ..... if i was a billionaire  it  certainly   would be considered....if you have s o much money   ....then you can buy whatever  you want ...and  a fuck is one of them  ..... we live in  strange times......and girls have  very low  self  image  these  days  why  not get  paid    for it  .... after all  she might  give her  virginity  to some  useless punk wanker  and  have nothing   at  least here  she will have  cash  Home News UK & World This Morning Viewers shocked by teenager selling her VIRGINITY for €1 million Euros to buy parents a house Aleexandra, from Romania, is selling her virginity via an escort service so that she can raise enough money to buy her mum and dad a house 385 SHARES 1 COMMENT BY JOHN JAMES ANISIOBI 11:23, 29 NOV 2016 UPDATED 17:17, 29 NOV 2016 NEWS