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spanish poeple need to get your head out of your ass .......

I hate cultures  ...they are weak...brainwashing ,pathetic ,ways of life  ...they are really designed  for  mach insecure  men  ..who think they  are  manly .....but they reall  are  for  control and  indoctrination ..... I hate the spanish menatlaity  ....bullfighting is  weak  man,s mentality  its not a sport  ...its for fucking assholes and assholes  that watch it are a pure and  simple  a cunt,if you  watch a  bull outnumbered   by  dodgy looking bastards  in  shit uniforms ...bullfigters  are  cowards  pathetic  little cowards  i will  go one on  one  with them  any  days ....and take  his  sword  from him  and  skewer  him  like the  bitch  he is  ........ ANIMALS ARE  NOT  OURS to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way HOME BLOG ACTION CENTRE ACTION ALERTS JOIN PETA’S ACTION TEAM ACTIVIST RESOURCES THE ISSUES Animals Are Not Ours to: EAT MEAT DAIRY FISH EGGS ENVIRONMENT HEALTH WEAR FUR LEATHE