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 nice news  for the  vinyl record  biz.......  and me     Vinyl Records See a Comeback During Music's Digital Age by   KEVIN TIBBLES SHARE Share Tweet Share Email Print Comment Facebook Twitter Google Plus Embed   Going Old School: Vinyl Records Make a Comeback   2:00 Call it a comeback in the age of iTunes: More and more music lovers are giving vinyl records a spin. That desire to ditch the digital downloads in favor of the scratchy sounds of retro discs is providing a sales bump to record labels at a time when industry observers were ready to write off records completely. But now, analog aficionados are far from having to turn their turntables off for the final time. "It's a great time for records," said Dave Hansen, an owner of Independent Record Pressing, which has six steam-powered presses in its Bordentown, New Jersey, facility. "Everybody wants vinyl," Hansen

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This wanker  is  giving all  yuppies  a bad  name .....what a complete tosser !!!!!  but  its  all about money !!!!!!!!....he is  American..................America is a  business  not a  country!!!!!!!........... x 351 RIGHT NOW 42K VIEWS 1K SHARES 22 COMMENTS IJR ‘Most Hated Man in America’ Who Raised Price on Live-Saving Drug Now Facing Severe Legal Troubles BY  LAWRENCE BONK  (4 HOURS AGO)  |  CULTURE ,  NATION ,  WORLD IJR SHARE EMAIL Martin Shkreli, the former hedge funder who entered the pharmaceutical business, caused  rampant outrage  when his company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, purchased an anti-bacterial drug called Daraprim and unceremoniously raised the price an astounding 5,500 percent, from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill. Now, in addition to stoking the outrage of the American public, Shkreli is under investigation for a litany of crimes, many of which go back to his time in the  finance industry  and

this is a high percentage and i bet a lot of democrats are in there too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I personally thought it would be higher..... A Bloomberg poll revealed that just  under three-quarters of Americans  think our greatest days are behind us. Is Republican Presidential candidate onto something with his slogan of “Make America Great Again”? From  The Daily Caller : Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may be on to something with his campaign slogan. A  Bloomberg poll  released Thursday shows 72 percent of the country thinks the United States isn’t as great as it once was. When asked for the two main issues they thought were the greatest threats to America’s greatness, 31 percent answered moral decay while 27 percent said the country’s lagging work ethic was the biggest problem. Other answers included the rise of Islamic State, which came in third at 26 percent, followed by the concentration of wealth at 25 percent. Twenty-one percent listed competition from China as their biggest grievance and 12 percent said undocumented immigrants li