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As long as you do not see it you do not care .................................

I have  said it now and said it  again as  longas it does not affect you   you  do not give  a sit   ...but when you  will have to   be in a  drought then you will  wake  up  ....

The Shocking Amount of Water That Goes Into an 8-oz. Steak

With California facing a drought that’s sparkedunprecedented restrictions on water usage across the state, a new Buzzfeed video asks an important question: how much water actually go into one 8-oz. steak?
The answer will alarm you. The video starts broadly — a single beef cattle eats 451 gallons worth of water in its feed each day. Then there’s 5 gallons a day of drinking and cleaning water.
That ads up to 499,021 gallons over the course of its lifetime. Divide that by the average number of pieces of 8-ounce steak that come from the average cattle, and you have a very startling figure that might make you think twice before ordering another steak.
More food for thought:

TAKING AWAY BIKERS AMENDMENTS.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                No words needed this ...its another  one of the  governments ploys to take  away bikers   rights the govt is  no more  corrupt than these guys ......


Feds go after motorcycle gang members – by claiming rights to their logo

Should Pam Anderson stop stripping for PETA?
The trademarked logo of Southern California's largest motorcycle gang is unmistakable: a black-and-white image of 12th Century conqueror Genghis Khan, wearing sunglasses and bell bottoms riding a chopper while carrying a sword. For the club's 600 fully patched members, the logo is part of their identity and motto: "Mongols Forever, Forever Mongols." 
But today, the Mongols Nation trademark is the focus of U.S. prosecutors' effort to dismantle America's most violent motorcycle gangs, from the Mongols to those who shot up a Waco, Texas restaurant over the weekend. 
The Department of Justice considers the clubs a criminal enterprise and is asking a federal judge to make it illegal for Mongols members to wear the patch or even display the name -- allowing cops to literally take a Mongols jacket right off a biker's back. 
"It not just stripping them of their identity, or robbing them of a recruiting tool, it's taking the star off their helmet," said a law enforcement source in Los Angeles. "The logo itself furthers a criminal enterprise." 
The importance of the patch should not be underestimated. Donald Charles Davis, author of "Aging Rebel: Dispatches From The Motorcycle Outlaw Frontier," adds, "Men have literally died for those patches. They have great symbolic value to motorcycle club members in the same way that the American flag has great symbolic value to patriots." 
The Mongol Nation registered their trademark in 2005 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Unknown to the club at the time, four undercover agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had infiltrated the gang. 
In 2008, the ATF issued 110 arrest warrants in four states, accusing club members of murder, drug trafficking, robbery, extortion and money laundering. As part of a plea deal, the club president forfeited rights to the Mongol trademark to the Department of Justice, and a federal judge granted an injunction prohibiting club members from wearing, licensing, selling, or distributing the any materials depicting the Mongolian warrior. 
At the time, only Uncle Sam was legally entitled to wear the Mongols' leather vest -- known as a "cut" -- as a jacket without sleeves. 
Federal Judge Florence-Marie Cooper ruled that upon presentation of the court's order by police, "defendants and all their agents, servants, employees, family members, and other persons in active participation with them, must surrender all products, clothing, vehicles, motorcycles, books, posters, merchandise, stationery, or other materials bearing the Mongols trademark." 
While another judge partially lifted that injunction a few years later, Uncle Sam and the Mongol Nation are headed back to federal court June 2 in Los Angeles to reargue the case and determine who now owns the trademark. 
The Mongols mount a First Amendment defense, arguing in court papers the "government's sole purpose in filing the indictment is to crush the Mongols Nation Motorcycle Club by seizing the intellectual rights to the 'Rider' and 'Mongol' marks and thereby quash the Club and its members rights to freedom of expression and association." 
Davis said "all other clubs" see this as "just a first step to what the government wants to do to all motorcycle clubs. They wanna outlaw motorcycle clubs by taking their insignia away from them." 
To Davis, the DOJ actions are "unprecedented and unconstitutional." He said the Mongol's insignia is a "collective membership mark" that's "on a par with the Christian cross, the Masonic compass, or the Jewish star." 
Government lawyers disagree, claiming the motorcycle club "constitutes an ongoing criminal enterprise" subject to the same statute prosecutors used to dismantle organized crime families like the Mafia. 
The federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) allows the government to seize cars, houses, boats and any assets used to further illegal activity. In the Mongols case, that includes their logo. If prosecutors prevail, the "Mongols" name and image will belong solely to Uncle Sam. Violating such a trademark would be considered a civil violation. 
After the Mongols, sources say prosecutors would hope to use the same technique against other "OMG's" -- outlaw motorcycle gangs like the Hells Angels, the Outlaws in the Midwest, the Pagans in the East, the Bandidos in Texas and others.
William La Jeunesse joined FOX News Channel (FNC) in March 1998 and currently serves as a Los Angeles-based correspondent.

Monday, May 18, 2015

A new kind of war ......SAND

The planet consumes 60 billion tons of sand a year  .....everything from  skyscrapers plates to  blocks to cement ......but there are  dire   warning  regarding this precious commodity ......please read the story .......


Posted In FeaturesFilmsSand Mining
An investigation documentary by Denis Delestrac;
Produced by Rappi Productions and La compagnie des Taxi-Brousse;
Sand: Most of us think of it as a complimentary ingredient of any beach vacation. Yet those seemingly insignificant grains of silica surround our daily lives. Every house, skyscraper and glass building, every bridge, airport and sidewalk in our modern society depends on sand. We use it to manufacture optical fiber, cell phone components and computer chips. We find it in our toothpaste, powdered foods and even in our glass of wine (both the glass and the wine, as a fining agent)!
Is sand an infinite resource? Can the existing supply satisfy a gigantic demand fueled by construction booms? What are the consequences of intensive beach sand mining for the environment and the neighboring populations?
Based on encounters with sand smugglers, barefoot millionaires, corrupt politicians, unscrupulous real estate developers and environmentalists, this investigation takes us around the globe to unveil a new gold rush and a disturbing fact: the “SAND WARS” have begun…
Sand-Wars / Le Sable: Enquête sur une Disparition: Film Documentary Worldwide Première: Tuesday May 28th, onARTE TV / France
Le Sable, Enquête sur une Disparition (diffusion Mardi 28 mai) – Société et culture, ARTE TV
A la fin du XXIème siècle, toutes les plages auront disparu. Tel est le constat alarmant que posent de nombreux scientifiques et ONG.« Le Sable, enquête sur une disparition » est un éco-thriller d’investigation qui révèle la bataille méconnue que se livrent entrepreneurs, contrebandiers, écologistes, politiques et populations locales : l’exploitation du sable.
Let’s Talk About Sand: Denis Delestrac At TEDxBarcelona
Denis Delestrac latest feature documentary, “Sand Wars” is an epic eco-thriller that takes the audience around the globe to unveil a new gold rush and a disturbing fact: we are running out of sand! In this TEDxBarcelona talk, he explains us where sand comes from and where it ends up…
A UNEP Report on Sand Mining: “Sand, Rarer Than One Thinks” 
Sand Wars movie, directed by Denis Delestrac, expressly inspired the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to publish this Global Environmental Alert…




  • The governments around de globe have to end with these Mafias.
  • I am a commitee member of Surfrider Foundation in San Juan Puerto Rico and would like to show the Sand Wars documentary at one of our events. Please let me know what I need to do to get a copy. Thank you!
    Lauri Bartlett
    Surfrider Foundation San Juan


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Sand Mining

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everyone is guilty ...............

Man is  definetely the most destructive douchbag on the planet...only when  he  will have nowhere to park his car because the water is too high then he will realize  how much  of  a  dick he has  been....of course it will be too late by then ,,,as always has this  great  narcisisstic  attitude  of  serving only  himself  and no one  else long as he  looks and  feels  good ,and has  all the material possesions needed  to trap himself in .....thats all he cares  about .....nothing else ....macho low self esteem  insecurity ...pure and simple .....he will pay the price leaving his  children a  legacy of  destruction ........

Breakup fears for massive Antarctic ice shelf: study

This October 27, 2014 photo provided by NASA shows the shadow of NASA'’s DC-8 on Antarctic sea ice
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Paris (AFP) - The largest ice shelf in the Antarctic peninsula is being thinned by warmer seas and air and could catastrophically break up, scientists said on Wednesday.
The loss of the Larsen C ice shelf could occur within a century but an earlier collapse cannot be ruled out, with major consequences for global sea levels, they said.
"We now know that two different processes are causing Larsen C to thin and become less stable," said Paul Holland from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) who led the new research.
"If this vast ice shelf... was to collapse, it would allow the tributary glaciers behind it to flow faster into the sea. This would then contribute to sea-level rise."
Ice sheets are vast floating beds of ice attached to the Antarctic coast. Hundreds of metres (feet) thick in places, they are extensions of land ice sheets and are fed by glaciers.
Larsen C is the fourth largest ice shelf in the world, covering around 55,000 square kilometres (21,235 square miles), or nearly twice the size of Belgium.
Two far smaller companion shelves on the eastern side of the peninsula -- the tongue that juts from Antarctica towards South America -- have collapsed in the last two decades.
The first, Larsen A, was lost in 1995. In 2002, this was followed by Larsen B -- at 3,250 sq. km, the size of the US state of Rhode Island.
The Larsen B event had no precedent since the end of the last Ice Age, around 12,000 years ago, according to glaciologists.
It tallied shockingly with the discovery that the peninsula is one of the fastest-warming places on the planet.
Temperatures there have risen by around 2.5 degrees Celsius (4.5 degrees Fahrenheit) over the last 50 years, several times the world average.
Published in the journal The Cryosphere, the new study combined data from satellite measurements and eight radar surveys over 15 years, from 1998 to 2012.
- Assault from above and below -
It found Larsen C had lost an average of four metres (13 feet) of ice during this period, and had lowered by an average of one metre at the surface.
Warmer seas are gnawing at it from below, while a warmer atmosphere is causing air to be expelled from the soft, honeycomb surface snow, called firn, the researchers believe.
As a result, the ice on the surface is becoming more compact and dense, which stresses and weakens the shelf's internal structure.
Despite "considerable" uncertainties, there is cause for concern, said the authors.
"A collapse could occur within a century, although maybe sooner and with little warning," the BAS said in a press statement.
"A crack is forming in the ice which could cause it to retreat back further than previously observed."
Because ice shelves float on water, Larsen C's loss would not by itself raise global sea levels.
The problem would come from the glaciers, which would lose the coastal "brake" on their flow towards the sea. More land ice would reach the ocean and melt, adding to its volume.
"When Larsen A and B were lost the glaciers behind them accelerated and they are now contributing a significant fraction of the sea-level rise from the whole of Antarctica," said the BAS' director of science, David Vaughan.
"Larsen C is bigger, and if it were to be lost in the next few decades, then it would actually add to the projections of sea-level rise by 2100."
The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported in 2013 that ice loss from Antarctica probably increased from 30 billion tonnes a year in the decade to 2001 to 147 billion tonnes annually in the following decade.
It projected that warmer seas and ice loss would drive up the global mean sea level by between 40 and 63 cm by 2100, but as much as 82 cm at the top end of scenarios for greenhouse-gas emissions.
For coastal-dwellers, the implications of sea-level rise are many, and none is good. They include flooding from storm surges, loss of farmland and salt intrusion into groundwater.


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