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Afgnasitan...never end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'via Blog this'  If anyone knows about the khyber pass,the most inhospitable piece of land in the world...why would america think ...that  they  could  own it ....many ,many  predecessors,have tried vain to win battles at this  hostile strip...the brits ...the russians should be left alone  much like all simply  boils down to the insecure  macho  male ....thinking he  can own things...if you think  afghnaistanians are gonna give up this  most important  piece of  land ,the land is  ideal for  smuggling ,and we all know  that everyone has  a vested  interest in that  industry........ If the current president thinks that he has won in Afghanistan...he is sadly mistaken no one has managed to conquer  such a hostile strip of land and never will....what make  America  thinks it can  do a  better  job than the Russians  even with technology .....these  guy live breath and sleep sand ...sand warriors ,i myself personally think they are not going anyw