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hence the reason


i am not sure about anyone  else  but  not only is  new york fucking expensive and  has  lots and  lots  of  social problems has  fucking mice in whole foods ......i like new york ....but not that much ........but hey  the ,mice  are  just  looking out for   SNACK IN MANHATTAN ....its  fucking expensive  there  cant say i blame them ........

A mouse was filmed nibbling on a piece of veal osso bucco inside a Whole Foods deli counter in New York City

Kiara Keane
A mouse chewing on meat inside a deli counter.
Brittany Ellis filmed a mouse eating meat inside the deli counter. @DefineBritt/TikTok
  • A shopper filmed a mouse eating meat from a Whole Foods deli counter, NBC New York reports.

  • Brittany Ellis' TikTok video of the encounter has been viewed more than 2.2 million times.

  • Whole Foods said it "immediately removed and disposed of all products in the case."

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A mouse has been filmed eating raw meat from inside a Whole Foods deli counter in Manhattan, NBC New York reports.

Brittany Ellis said she was shopping at the Columbus Circle Whole Foods when she spotted a mouse chewing on the piece of veal Osso Bucco inside the butcher case and filmed the encounter.

Ellis shared a video of the incident on TikTok on May 24 along with the caption: "But why was there a whole mouse in Whole Foods!!!" which has since been viewed more than 2.2 million times.


@wholefoodsofficials you doing bad guys not what I wanted to see today!!!!

♬ original sound - DefineBritt

"I'm just there trying to get someone's attention, that's when I pulled out my phone and started recording because it was one in a million - a mouse was just munching away," Ellis told NBC New York on Friday.

"It made my skin crawl, I'm a big germaphobe," she added.

Ellis said she was shopping with her mother at the time and left the store after spotting the rodent. "I just want people to be aware of the situation, and something needs to be done," she added.

A Whole Foods Market spokesperson told Insider that they were taking the situation very seriously and that they "immediately removed and disposed of all products in the case, performed a deep cleaning, and brought in a third-party service for a thorough inspection."

They added that the store "diligently followed our detailed protocol in response and continues to work closely with our food safety system."

The mouse was chewing on osso bucco veal in the TikTok clip, which costs $22.99 a pound, according to the New York Post.

Workers at the deli counter said on Friday that they had no idea how the rodent got inside the case, the publication added.

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Sunday, May 30, 2021

blind leading the blind


Well there you have it the stupid copying the stupid ......if you wanna  be  a  wanker  ....hang around with wankers  .....if you wanna be a  drunk  hang around with drunk .....birds of the feather  fly together have all these  retards on tik tok  looking for  fame   and  then you have  idiots  copying these   fucking idiots ,........which takes  no talent ........the weak will always  follow  the weak ......rule of thumb .......they deserve all they get for their  stupidity ......there is  always a price to pay for  some  act of  retardation .......there  will  never   be a  shortage  of fucking idiots  ......especially when you look at social media ......its swamped  with ;low  self  worth insecure  people  looking to get famous ..........pity is reserved  for the  terminally ill and  dying  .......not for  the weak and  stupid ........

A 13-year-old girl has spent 2 weeks in the hospital with 3rd degree burns after she tried to imitate a TikTok

Connor Perrett
TikTok app
FILE: TikTok Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images
  • A 13-year-old girl from Portland has spent two weeks in the hospital with severe burns.

  • Her family told ABC News they believe she was attempting to imitate a TikTok video.

  • When her parents retrieved her phone after the incident, the TikTok app was still recording a video, her mom told the outlet.

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A 13-year-old girl from Portland, Oregon, has spent over two weeks in the hospital with severe third-degree burns to her body, and her family believes she was trying to replicate a viral TikTok video when she lit herself on fire.

Destini Crane has been hospitalized for more than two weeks with severe burns to her right arm and her neck, ABC News reported. Her family told the outlet she had required three skin-grafting surgeries.

"I was in the living room talking with my mom, and I heard her scream my name," her mother, Kimberly Crane told ABC News. "So I went and opened the bathroom door and everything was on fire. Destini was on fire. Things in the bathroom were on fire."

Her sister, Andrea Crane, told the outlet that Destini had taken rubbing alcohol, a lighter, and a candle into the bathroom.

Her mom said when they found their daughter's phone after the incident, the TikTok app was open and still recording a video, according to the report. She said she believed Destini was attempting to recreate a video where someone lit a shape on fire after they drew on a mirror using a flammable liquid.

Her mother told the outlet she had to pull her daughter out of the bathroom and outside of the house where she removed her shirt that was still on fire.

"It was unreal," Kimberly told Portland's KPTV. "Heartbreaking like I don't think anyone wants to see their daughter on fire. It was horrible."

Destini has been in the hospital's intensive care unit since May 14. The 13-year-old has been on pain medication in the hospital and has not been fully aware of what happened, her family told ABC News.

"I know that when she wakes up and fully understands, she's probably going to freak out," Kimberly said. "But honestly I think that she's strong enough to get through it."

While TikTok has been immensely popular among teens and young adults, the app has also in the past been home to dangerous content and trends.

Last year, the company banned a challenge on the app known as the "skull breaking challenge." It involved two people kicking the legs from underneath a third, airborne person, causing them to fall over, Insider previously reported. At the time, multiple injuries had been reported from the challenge.

TikTok policy prohibits content "depicts, promotes, normalizes, or glorifies such behavior, including amateur stunts or dangerous challenges."

On some TikTok videos, TikTok moderators will apply a label informing viewers that "the action" in a video "could result in serious injury."

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not sure about the rest of you


As i do not like or trust mark zucherburg ....i will not be using this product ......only white people  go into shark  infested   waters rarely and i mean rarely find the brothers  wanting to fuck with wild animals  ....they wanna  bang snatch .....smoke a  blunt  ....hit the  brass pole club ....only white  people  think they can fuck with wild animals  .....and this  my fiends  is  why women  live  longer than men .......simple  dynamics 

Photos reveal Mark Zuckerberg surfing while wearing an $84 bracelet that claims to fend off sharks

Grace Kay
Screen Shot 2021 05 28 at 1.15.42 PM
  • Mark Zuckerberg was photographed wearing a Sharkbanz bracelet while surfing recently.

  • The device is designed to keep sharks at bay by emitting an electromagnetic current, though some experts have expressed doubt about its effectiveness.

  • Barack Obama has previously been photographed wearing the device.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was spotted wearing a bracelet designed to protect against shark attacks while surfing on Thursday.

Photos from TMZ show Zuckerberg with a Sharkbanz bracelet on his ankle during an outing with his hydrofoil surfboard in Kauai, Hawaii. A Sharkbanz spokesperson confirmed the Facebook co-founder had bought a Sharkbanz 2 device off the company's website.

Sharkbanz Surf Shark Deterrent Band Proven Technology Research Essential Gear Great White Bull Shark Hawaii California

Earlier this month, Zuckerberg posted a video on the surfboard. In the video he appears to be wearing the bracelet.

The $84 Sharkbanz bracelet claims it can fend off sharks by emitting an electric current that is designed to keep sharks at bay by interfering with the shark's ability to sense electromagnetic fields when searching for prey.

The device has been touted by several professional surfers, including 1988 World Surf Champion Barton Lynch. Last year, former President Barack Obama was photographed wearing a Sharkbanz bracelet.

Despite its popularity, some experts have been wary of the device in the past. Late scuba diver Erich Ritter, known for filming "Bull Sharks: World's Deadliest Sharks," told the German publication Deutsche Welle (DW) in 2017 that he believes Sharkbanz does not work.

"These Sharkbanz act only as a psychological safeguard," he said. "They have no effect at all."

Chris Lowe, director of the Shark Lab at California State University, Long Beach, told The Inertia, a surfing and outdoors publication, that he has yet to see any data to support the use of products like Sharkbanz. Though, Sharkbanz has provided several videos showing bull sharks avoiding dummies wearing the device. The bracelet has also been verified by third-party research at Coastal Carolina University, according to the company's site.

Ritter said the magnets in the bracelet are nowhere near strong enough to deter a shark. He pointed to an incident in 2016 when a 16-year-old boy was bitten by a shark in Florida while wearing a Sharkbanz bracelet. At the time of the accident, Sharkbanz cofounder Nathan Garrison said the shark attack was an anomaly and explained the device is only able to protect against certain kinds of attacks.

Zuckerberg's hydrofoil surfboard also has a zebra pattern on the bottom which is reportedly designed to deter sharks. In theory, stripes make it difficult for sharks to identify prey.

It was not Zuckerberg's first time on a hydrofoil board. In 2019, the CEO posted another surfing video.

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Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for u

flying fuck

 Please feel free to ask me .....if i give a  flying fuck .........because i do not i do not live there .....and as i think california is a  fucking bunghole of humanity ....its overpriced ....overrated and has ....droughts ....earthquakes ......floods ......etc ,.....etc the answer is no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earth is basically swallowing this town in California

Andy Meek

A small town in California has been making news headlines in recent days for its very big problem, one that’s contributed to town officials having a sinking feeling about its future. Literally.

Here’s the thing about the town of Corcoran, which sits almost equidistant between Los Angeles and San Francisco: The earth is basically swallowing it, such that almost 12 feet of the town has sunk into the ground since 2007 — the equivalent of the first floor of a 2-story house disappearing in that time. In The New York Times’ somewhat frightening depiction of the inexorable fate that Corcoran seems to be headed toward, we also learn that this California town of a little more than 21,000 residents sinks little by little each year. Reminiscent of the old cautionary tale about the boiling frog, it’s never enough to cause alarm. But, over time, a water management agency predicts that Corcoran could sink by as much as 11 feet over the next two decades. “We all know that, but what are we going to do?” town resident Mary Gonzalez-Gomez told the Times. “There’s really nothing that we can do. And I don’t want to move.”

The problem here is something that’s called subsidence, which refers to the phenomenon resulting from a slow-motion deflating of the earth after a significant amount of water has been taken from underground. Essentially, this causes the ground to cave in on itself, causing the sinkage seen over time in a place like Corcoran.

The circumstances that have led to this point also sound at least a little reminiscent of how the coronavirus pandemic was allowed to snowball into the problem it became, expanding in severity the same way people fall asleep — slowly, and then suddenly. Jay Famiglietti, a former scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, helped pinpoint the problem here. “There’s no way around it,” Famiglietti, who’s now the director of the Global Institute for Water Security at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, told the Times. “The scale of the bowl that’s been created from the pumping is large and that may be why people don’t perceive it.”

Tuesday, May 25, 2021


 Shows you what piece of shit parent he is going to be .............maybe abortion might be the answer......if he is going to be like that now....i pity the child .........

Dad-to-be’s tantrum is caught on tape at gender reveal party when he discovers he’s having a little girl

In The Know

This dad-to-be was disappointed when he learned he was having a girl, but the Internet put him in his place! 

TikTok user Matt H-B (@matthb92) posted a video of an expecting couple taking part in a gender reveal party, and the future father had a less-than-ideal reaction when he found out he was having a daughter. 

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Is'nt the world over populated any ways .......that's what they keep fucking saying .....too many people  .....not enough food water land  etc...etc......i wished these  assholes would make up their mind ,.....the eco system is strained these wankers are saying the opposite .....whata load of bollocks ......we need to to scale back on human beings let the planet get a chance to heal

Long Slide Looms for World Population, With Sweeping Ramifications

Damien Cave, Emma Bubola and Choe Sang-Hun
Diners at a Haidilao, China's most popular hot pot chain, in Beijing, June 30, 2018. (Gilles Sabrie/The New York Times)
Diners at a Haidilao, China's most popular hot pot chain, in Beijing, June 30, 2018. (Gilles Sabrie/The New York Times)

All over the world, countries are confronting population stagnation and a fertility bust, a dizzying reversal unmatched in recorded history that will make first-birthday parties a rarer sight than funerals, and empty homes a common eyesore.

Maternity wards are already shutting down in Italy. Ghost cities are appearing in northeastern China. Universities in South Korea cannot find enough students, and in Germany, hundreds of thousands of properties have been razed, with the land turned into parks.

Like an avalanche, the demographic forces — pushing toward more deaths than births — seem to be expanding and accelerating. Although some countries continue to see their populations grow, especially in Africa, fertility rates are falling nearly everywhere else. Demographers now predict that by the latter half of the century or possibly earlier, the global population will enter a sustained decline for the first time.

Saturday, May 22, 2021



i have no problems with her postings .....noty only is she my fav  chef ,....she is  fucking hot  for  50 ........i just think its jealous who ever says anything negative .......lots  of women wanna look that good at 50

Padma Lakshmi responds to social media haters over sexy pics

Padma Lakshmi, 50, defends posting lingerie photos: 'I’m proud of looking cute'

Elise Solé
·3 min read

If you don't appreciate Padma Lakshmi's sexy photos, the delete button is right over there. "I’m proud of looking cute," the Top Chef host said of her Instagram posts.       

In a new interview with The Cut, the author and television star spoke with chef and former Bon Appétit editor Sohla El-Waylly about kitchen memories with daughter Krishna, 11, the "social reckoning" of 2020 and the reaction (backlash) to her bikini pictures on Instagram. 

"I get flak for saying what I think about the right to choose, immigration, Black Lives Matter, women’s rights, endometriosis, all of it," Lakshmi told El-Waylly. "I also get flak for people saying, 'Oh, you never complain when it’s Black-on-Asian hate, only when it’s white-on-Asian hate.' I’m like, 'No. For the record, I’m just complaining about Asian hate. I don’t care who’s doing the hating.' It’s just wrong."

Padma Lakshmi responded to criticism over her bikini photos. (Photo: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)
Padma Lakshmi responded to criticism over her bikini photos. (Photo: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)

Lakshmi continued, "Or I’ll put up a sexy picture of myself, but I’m proud of looking cute because I’ve been working out or something, and I get shit for that. It’s like, listen, I was a lingerie model. When I was 23, or 24, or 25, nobody said anything negative about me wearing lingerie. Why are you saying that now and it’s like the most tame picture?"

When asked about people talking about her body, Lakshmi called it a "phenomenon is as old as time; people are comfortable regulating a woman’s body. People are comfortable making laws about women’s bodies, prohibiting medicines that women’s bodies need. They are expert and enthusiastic participants in subjugating a woman’s body, who they’ve never met or seen on a national level. One diss on Instagram, that’s child’s play.


  I had no idea it was a bitter sweet thing with coke .......and today it has been linked to diabetes......... and  i am not sure why it see...