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desperate people do desperate things and it usually ends up costing in the end .....mostly their lives

I have  said it now and  will say it  again ,for every smart guy there are thousands that  are  going to to be exploited by people  like him or  her.
Hence my title desperate people ,do desperate things.....usually at the  cost of themselves ,or their loved  ones .....i am not the most sympathetic,person alive ,but,you have to know  when you  give a  guy money and you end up on a  shit raft ,you are in trouble ...if you do not realise are  either  on a  suicide  mission ,or you are  completely uneducated  and have  never   seen a proper  sea going vessel in your  life ....
Apparently the smugglers charge  about a  thousand  dollars  for  a sail into  death ...and if you  have  only  500 bucks you are  down in the engine  room ....which  is still  to these  folks  a lot of  money they must be   fucking idiots mixed  with  desperation  ...because if you have a  gram of  smarts  you  must  know  when you are getting  fucked ...especially  when you   get   put in an  engine  room  to  be  BBQ'd...i think  these  people  escaping have  not even  read a  book  or  seen a  decent boat ...boat  what other  things  would lead  me  to being suspicious  is when i  board a boat   i do   not want to  see   700 other   fucking idiots  like me .....going to the  same  fatality ....i have said this now and will repeat it   till i am  gone in the wind long as their  are  takers  their are givers  ,,,,filling a market for  stupidity .....whatever the  takers  take ...there will be  givers to supply that  demand ....its nothing  personal its  a business, i am not a sympathetic  individual,but i cannot tolerate   stupidity and  desperate situations ....all  of  which is  avoidable .most people  put themselves into these  situations  however ....the other  day a  women was  complaining about  how  she is  struggling at  wal-mart  to make  ends  meet ,she  mentioned  however ...she has  5 kids  by  5  different men think she  might have  kept her legs  closed  or   say, maybe  used  a  condom,this is my point ...there will always  be people like wal-mart or situations  where the  desperate  get  taken advantage  of  simply  by  demand and  supply ........

Boat skipper facing charges over migrant disaster

Catania (Italy) (AFP) - The Tunisian captain of a migrant boat in which 800 people are feared to have drowned is set to be charged with causing the Mediterranean's deadliest disaster in decades.
Prosecutors in the Sicilian city of Catania said Tuesday they believed Mohammed Ali Malek, 27, was responsible for steering mistakes and the reckless overcrowding which led to the horrifying shipwreck off Libya on Sunday.
He will appear before a judge on Friday along with crew member and Syrian national Mahmud Bikhit, 25, who was also arrested in a probe into a catastrophe that has evoked chilling comparisons with the slave trade, and allegations of callous disregard on the part of European governments.
The captain was questioned by investigators Tuesday after being arrested on suspicion of culpable homicide, causing a shipwreck and aiding illegal immigration. Bikhit faces potential charges on the latter count.
Hundreds of the victims, including an unknown number of children, will have died in hellish circumstances having been locked in the hold or the middle deck of the 20-metre (66-foot) boat which keeled over in pitch darkness after colliding with a Portuguese container ship answering its distress call.
The Catania prosecutors said the collision had been caused by steering mistakes by the captain and the panicked movements of the hundreds of passengers.
"On the basis of what has emerged, no blame can be accorded to the crew of the merchant ship which came to rescue and in no way contributed to the fatal event," they said in a statement.
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has described the traffickers who packed their human cargo into the boat as akin to 18th-century slave traders.
Prosecutors said the survivors had told them how they had been held for up to a month in disused factories in Libya before being packed onto the boat.
One man was beaten severely with sticks as punishment from moving away from the group to answer the call of nature, according to a survivor's statement.
The UN human rights chief Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein said the horror at sea had been produced by a "monumental failure of compassion" on the part of European governments who are now under intense pressure to address the humanitarian crisis on their southern shores.
Two days before Europe's leaders gather for an emergency summit to tackle the Mediterranean migrant crisis, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker called for a show of "financial solidarity" towards the countries bearing the brunt of the drama.
Mere "compassionate rhetoric" was not enough, he said during a visit to Austria, whose Chancellor Werner Faymann would like to see massive refugee camps built in North Africa to shelter would-be migrants and refugees.
- Wheelchair survivor -
The first of the 27 survivors who disembarked in Sicily in the early hours did so in a wheelchair. All of them were deeply traumatised, said Carlotta Sami, spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
"They are exhausted, they have nothing left," she said. "They are in a state of shock, they look completely lost."
Most of the survivors and the victims appear to have been young men but there were also several children aged between 10 and 12, she added.
"We have not yet been able to ask them about this but it seems certain that many of them will have had friends and family who were lost in the wreck."
At talks in Luxembourg on Monday, EU ministers agreed on a 10-point plan to double the resources available to maritime border patrol mission Triton and further measures will be discussed at a summit of EU leaders on Thursday.
Critics say Triton is woefully inadequate and are demanding the restoration of a much bigger Italian operation suspended last year because of cost constraints.
The survivors, who hailed from Mali, Gambia, Senegal, Somalia, Eritrea and Bangladesh, were all recovering Tuesday at holding centres near Catania on Sicily's eastern coast.
Sunday's disaster was the worst in a series of migrant shipwrecks that have claimed more than 1,750 lives this year -- 30 times higher than the same period in 2014 -- and nearly 5,000 since the start of last year.
If current trends continue, there could be 30,000 deaths at sea this year, the IOM warned.
Italian officials believe there could be up to one million more would-be immigrants to Europe waiting to board boats in conflict-torn Libya.
Many of them are refugees from Syria's civil war or persecution in places like Eritrea. Others are seeking to escape poverty and hunger in Africa and south Asia and secure a better future in Europe.
- Australia's example -
Deploring the latest boat tragedy, the UN Security Council on Tuesday called for a strengthened global response to migration and human trafficking.
"The Mediterranean is fast becoming a sea of misery," said UN chief Ban Ki-moon this week.
Despite the prospect of further loss of life, a number of EU governments are reluctant to expand search-and-rescue operations, arguing that they only encourage migrants to attempt the crossing.
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Europe should follow his government's lead by deploying military forces to turn migrant boats back.
"The only way you can stop the deaths is in fact to stop the boats," Abbott said.
Australia's policy has drastically reduced the number of asylum-seekers arriving on its soil and deaths at sea but has been attacked as undermining the principle of asylum.
Ideas being looked at by the EU including trying to capture or destroy people-smuggling boats and a 

Friday, April 17, 2015

The writing was on the wall................................

 Pablo escobar warned then CIA that if they killed  him   ...Mexicans would  take over  and  America  would have  a drug war on its  doorstep.....its a  know fact that  Pablo  escobar  was  the man  that controlled  the  drug trafficking on the planet  ....but the  CIA   did not listen and killed  Pablo escobar ....and now  the  drug war in  Mexico is in full steam  thousands and  thousand  of people  are  being killed ....Mexico  is no  longer  a safe destination .
Pablo escobar  ,was notorious but fair ....unfortunately Mexicans  do not play in the same arena  as Pablo escobar ...this is  not  news  its a fact  ,the Internet  has  made   us  all aware  that  at the  touch of a  few  keys you can  find out  anything...the  Mexicans  unlike Pablo,have a  different way of  doing business,they are more  ruthless  and less sympathetic than  mister  escobar.......i am  in no  way  defending  Pablo escobar .....but he  had   an old school way  and  reportedly  bought schools  houses  roads  hospitals  and  was  some  what in a  criminal philanthropic  way   very  generous .....he  even built his own prison.....but  he  was  eradicated ...and ,i personally  think that  America  made  a huge  mistake's  why ,Mexicans  are  from  Mayan  blood  ,they have  a different view on  life and its  value ,which simply  takes   death  to another  value .....drugs are  drugs  simply ...its  wrong ...but America  as always  does  not think  long term  it  is  short  sighted   as  a;was  and  pays  dearly for its   immediate  thoughtless  conclusions .....i have  said it now and  say  it   again .....the only way to stop the drug war   is   eradicate the  users .......never  gonna  happen.....

Mexico's 'New Generation' cartel takes police head-on

Bullet holes scar the window of a neighbouring house to that where gunmen attacked the police in in Ocotlan
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Ocotlan (Mexico) (AFP) - The town still bears the scars from the unprecedented offensive launched by a powerful Mexican drug cartel against government forces: bullet-pocked buildings and blood stains on the street.
The March 19 ambush that killed five federal gendarmerie officers, three gang suspects and three bystanders in Ocotlan signaled the start of a conflict between the authorities and the Jalisco New Generation Drug Cartel.
The well-armed gang took its operation to a new level on April 6 when it surprised a Jalisco state police convoy, gunning down 15 officers in the deadliest single day for Mexico's security forces in years of a bloody drug war.
The western state of Jalisco is known as the birthplace of tequila, mariachis and the country's most popular football team, the Chivas of Guadalajara.
But now it is also known as the home of the New Generation, a rising power of Mexico's underworld that had been overshadowed until now by other groups such as the Sinaloa, Zetas, Gulf and Knights Templar cartels.
Officials say the Jalisco cartel has grown so powerful that it has produced its own assault rifles in makeshift gun assembly shops. The gang has even recruited military deserters, including foreign ones.
"They were waiting for the moment when they felt strong to start this escalation," Luis Carlos Najera, the chief prosecutor of Jalisco state, told AFP.
Last year, authorities discovered a clandestine workshop with sophisticated equipment to build M16 and R15 rifles. Some of the homemade weapons were found following the recent attacks.
The cartel has drawn the attention of the US government, which has funded Mexico's battle against drug cartels by providing equipment, training and intelligence.
Last week, the US Treasury Department slapped financial sanctions against the New Generation and its shadowy boss, Nemesio Oseguera, alias "El Mencho," as well as its allies, the Los Cuinis cartel.
The gang has expanded beyond Jalisco into neighboring Michoacan and Colima while forging ties with other criminal organizations in the United States, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia, according to the US Treasury.
- 138 bullet holes -
The growing power of the cartel is evident in the destruction it has left behind in Ocotlan, near Mexico's second biggest city, Guadalajara.
"My house was hit by 138 bullets," said an Ocotlan resident who asked to remain anonymous due to safety concerns.
The woman said she and her husband laid on the floor during the March 19 shootout, which lasted nearly two hours.
That night, some 40 gunmen waited inside 12 pick-up trucks for the arrival of the convoy carrying the gendarmerie, a new elite police force launched last year by President Enrique Pena Nieto.
The gangsters fired from several sides and rooftops, according to local residents. Soldiers rushed to the scene and burst into homes to find the shooters.
People spent the night without light or telephone service because utility poles were hit in the firefight.
Two weeks later, a new ambush was launched against the state police convoy, this time on a rural, curvy road in a mountain between Guadalajara and the Pacific resort town of Puerto Vallarta.
The gang parked cars on the road to slow the arrival of reinforcements as they gunned down 15 officers.
The assailants used a Barrett anti-tank rifles and grenades against the convoy, said Jalisco security commissioner Francisco Alejandro Solorio.
At the site of the attack, investigators found a camp that the gunmen had used to wait for the arrival of the police. There was food and other supplies as well as makeshift beds.
"We hear they had been there for several days," Solorio said.
The security chief was himself the target of a March 30 assassination bid, which he escaped unscathed after firing his own weapon against his assailants.
- Stabbed in the heart -
The last victim of the April 6 offensive was the police chief in the town of Zacoalco.
"They stuck a knife in his heart with a message," said Maria Huerta, who runs a shop in front of the scene of the crime.
The message said the gang they would go after more officers, Huerta said.
After the chief was killed, a large, black ribbon hung at the town hall of Zacoalco as a symbol of mourning in the municipality of 27,000 people.
Before the New Generation attacks the town was relatively peaceful until state police shot and killed the gangs regional leader, Heriberto "El Gringo" Acevedo, on March 23.
"That hurt them the most," said Najera, the chief prosecutor of Jalisco.
Najera said that the gang's offensive is a response to the blows that state authorities have dealt against the group, with federal reinforcements on the way.
"We've been fighting alone for a long time."
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  I had no idea it was a bitter sweet thing with coke .......and today it has been linked to diabetes......... and  i am not sure why it see...