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desperate people do desperate things and it usually ends up costing in the end .....mostly their lives

I have  said it now and  will say it  again ,for every smart guy there are thousands that  are  going to to be exploited by people  like him or  her. Hence my title desperate people ,do desperate things.....usually at the  cost of themselves ,or their loved  ones .....i am not the most sympathetic,person alive ,but,you have to know  when you  give a  guy money and you end up on a  shit raft ,you are in trouble ...if you do not realise are  either  on a  suicide  mission ,or you are  completely uneducated  and have  never   seen a proper  sea going vessel in your  life .... Apparently the smugglers charge  about a  thousand  dollars  for  a sail into  death ...and if you  have  only  500 bucks you are  down in the engine  room ....which  is still  to these  folks  a lot of  money they must be   fucking idiots mixed  with  desperation  ...because if you have a  gram of  smarts  you  must  know  when you are getting  fucked ...especially  when you   get   put in an  

The writing was on the wall................................

 Pablo escobar warned then CIA that if they killed  him   ...Mexicans would  take over  and  America  would have  a drug war on its  doorstep.....its a  know fact that  Pablo  escobar  was  the man  that controlled  the  drug trafficking on the planet  ....but the  CIA   did not listen and killed  Pablo escobar ....and now  the  drug war in  Mexico is in full steam  thousands and  thousand  of people  are  being killed ....Mexico  is no  longer  a safe destination . Pablo escobar  ,was notorious but fair ....unfortunately Mexicans  do not play in the same arena  as Pablo escobar ...this is  not  news  its a fact  ,the Internet  has  made   us  all aware  that  at the  touch of a  few  keys you can  find out  anything...the  Mexicans  unlike Pablo,have a  different way of  doing business,they are more  ruthless  and less sympathetic than  mister  escobar.......i am  in no  way  defending  Pablo escobar .....but he  had   an old school way  and  reportedly  bought schools  houses  roa